Meniere's Disease And My Life

By Darrel Shults

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This is just one persons experience with Meniere's Disease. This may or may not correspond to your experience, or fallow scientific scrutiny however it is my perception of diagnoses remedies and lore. I have had Meniere's 20 or more years. I say or more for I can remember episodes as a child that were identical to what  I experience now. Always blaming some other factor for what was probably Meniere's. I have used Altitude sickness, It was a bad soda pop (I can't drink Orange Crush to this day), Allergies, or a multitude of excuses to explain  instantly becoming sick.

I was not diagnosed as having Meniere's for about five years after the symptoms started on a regular basses. Most Doctors are not familiar with the symptoms, and the symptoms are usually gone by the time you see the Doctor making it hard for them to diagnose. Another thing that makes it hard  is that there are few if any changes in how the body works so blood test reveal nothing. The frustrating part is going to the doctor feeling sick only to get to the Doctors office and feel just fine. I have been tested for Diabetes, Neurological disorder, Thyroid, you name it. Always baffling those who requested the test for they always came back normal. There are many normal diseases that have symptoms that match those of motion sickness. Motion Sickness affects NASA Astronauts and some of the leading research comes from them. Another great web sight to learn about Meniere's Disease is The Department of Otolaryngology @ Washington University School of Medicine. They have the most comprehensive collection on Meniere's information I have found on the net. There you will find you are not alone in the multitude of changes this disease causes one to feel.

Vertigo is the main symptom of Meniere's and hardest to deal with. Personally I have learned to overcome the nausea, so I don't louse my lunch that often but the uneasiness of motion sickness is always there. It is usually the aftermath of vertigo that is the true nightmare. I have had a multitude of injuries resulting from it, Spinal fusion, herniated disk surgery, four ribs, three ribs , and broken toes several times. Yes and countless bruises, cuts, and scrapes. Task as simple as empting the garbage can led to catastrophic injuries. All other symptoms of Meniere's however annoying pail in comparison, So you hear the phone ringing all the time and people talking in the other room, or thousands of chickens all squawking in your head. These can all be masked easily with a good Pink Floyd CD or loud TV program.


I have been prescribed most all of the usual medications for Meniere's disease. Transaderm patches, Dramamine, and even epileptic medication to no avail. In taking most all of them the side effects are not worth the relief  if any from the disease. However there are things that for me help.

    Marijuana     Is one of the best at relieving some of the symptoms I have. It gives me a appetite that I usually don't have for no one feels like eating when they are sea sick. It also relives the constant pain from the various broken bones and surgeries. But I also think  like my other pain medication helps slow the synaptic firings in the brain which in turn means the brain receives fewer signals from the ears resulting in less vertigo.

    Hydrocodone    Prescribed for pain but as I stated in the paragraph above I believe that the reduced signals from the ears to the brain results in less vertigo.

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